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bigdata2Russian Internet search provider Yandex has launched business-to-business project Yandex Data Factory in order to provide big data solutions for the oil and gas industry

The company said that the Yandex Data Factory would provide big data solutions to companies in Russia, as well as to other markets worldwide. It would enable the oil and gas businesses working with large volumes of data to use Yandex's technologies — machine learning, image and voice recognition, deep neural networks, and natural voice processing — to make sense of their accumulated mass of data and solve their business tasks.

Jane Zavalishina, head of Yandex Data Factory, said, “Using machine learning to analyse big data is a very promising new sphere. Sensor readings, audio or video recordings, information about orders and transactions are just a few examples of the kinds of data that businesses may leverage using Yandex Data Factory's services for various aims, ranging from targeting potential customers to setting business goals or optimising business processes.”

In the oil and gas industry, organisations must apply new technologies and processes that would capture and transform raw data into actionable insight, added the company.

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