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BC2With advanced analytical tools, oil and gas companies can capture more detailed data in real-time at lower costs, which can help them improve oilfield and plant performance by six per cent to eight per cent, revealed a research by Bain & Company

HoneywelllabSoftware provider Honeywell has launched Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Lab to protect oil and gas data from cyber attacks

TotalOil and gas company Total has appointed data analytics provider SGI to upgrade its supercomputer Pangea, which is used for seismic data processing and imaging

IDC-bigWhile oil prices have dropped under US$50 per barrel, oil and gas companies are turning to big data technologies to capture more detailed data in real-time at lower costs

Mtell2Predictive analytics software providers Mtell and MapR have launched a new big data platform Mtell Reservoir that gathers and analyses real-time sensor and historical data generated from oil rigs